Develop Correct Techniques for a Strong Foundation

| Kaushal Silva |

Too often young cricketers get into bad habits from an early age. They never receive proper coaching and either replicate poor technique or are never taught technique at all.

With no clue that their technique is incorrect, young cricketers work hard at practicing these wrong techniques. Unsurprisingly they don’t see any improvement in their play, and become frustrated that their hard work is not improving their play. This can result in them walking away from the sport that they love.

At Superkings Cricket Academy, we don’t want that to happen. In this video, Kaushal explains how a strong foundation and passion for cricket can be developed.

Here’s some ways to foster a solid cricket foundation in emerging players.


Gain more confidence

Mental toughness is a key component of cricket longevity. The more confidence a player has, the more they will enjoy playing and the more resilience they will have.

A positive attitude will transform a player’s ability. They’ll feel free to go for it and try harder, not letting fear hold them back. It also allows them to perform better under pressure.

Some ways to build confidence:

  • Positive self talk and affirmations
  • Positive visualisation
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Practice: as your play improves through practice this will help create a deep belief in yourself


Discover your strengths and weaknesses

This flows on from building confidence, as the more a cricketer hones their strengths and grows their weaknesses, the better their mindset will be.

But this is not always obvious, particularly for an emerging player who doesn’t know the difference between correct and incorrect technique.

So how can you find out what your cricketing strengths and weaknesses are?

  • Ask for feedback: talk to your coach, your more experienced teammates and get their perspective
  • Regularly reflect on your performance: take notes, even create a list of questions to ask yourself after the game


Get professional coaching

All aspiring cricketers and their parents want the best chance for their child’s success. If you’re showing real promise as a player but feel that your growth is approaching its limit at a club level, then professional coaching could really help take you to the next level.

How professional coaching could make a difference:

  • Holistic approach: thinking like a pro is vital to acting like a pro, being around coaches who have a professional background will transform your mindset
  • Individualised coaching: professional coaching sees each player as an individual and with smaller groups there is more time for tailored goals and development.
  • Injury prevention: this is not something many amateur players think about, and yet it plays a major role in cricket career longevity. 
  • Proper skills and techniques: no more bad habits or lingering mistakes, replace them with the proper way of doing things.


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Don’t settle for being good when the best cricketers are yet to be awakened in every aspiring young athlete.

Small things set the best cricketers apart from the rest. Even then, they never stop working to get better. If you don’t know how to make the most of your ability, you could be one of those `potentially’ great players whose talent remains unfulfilled.