Specialist Skills Program: Take Your Cricket Skills to the Next Level

Advanced skills weekly program in Melbourne to improve physical abilities and game knowledge

Become the Best Player You
Can Be

Master Key Skills in Bowling, Batting,

Targeted Coaching for Individual

You want to become the best cricketer you can be.

The earlier you can start to think, train and act like the pros, the better your chance at achieve cricketing success.
If individual errors go unchecked, bad habits can form that are hard to unlearn. Targeted coaching that identifies strengths and weaknesses, will allow you to flourish and reach your full potential.

Who is the program for?

  • Players desiring to grow in specific skills: batting, bowling, fielding
  • Cricketers who want to improve their club performance
  • For Young Cricketers (Aged 8-22)

Our Specialist Skills Program will teach key skills and game knowledge:

Advanced Skill Development

2 hours per week to master bowling, batting & fielding techniques

Elite Level Coaching

Get the expertise of our head coach Kaushal Silva from his career with the Sri Lankan national team

Game Awareness & Tactics

TRaining the body & mind to react to various in-game situations

High Intensity Fitness Training

Induction of strength training and body conditioning

Bimonthly Individual Player Review

Players will start finding their specialties based on their unique strengths & weaknesses

Mindset Coaching & Personal Development

Open Q&A sessions & weekly check-in to ensure players are motivated and on track

Winter Program – 18 weeks
Specialist Skills Program

Inc. GST
5% discount off when full payment made upfront
5% sibling discount

2 hours per week

Training days
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Location – Topline indoor center or Elgar Park Mont Albert

Winter program: Specialist Skills Program
17th of May – 13th of September – 18 weeks

Skill Development (Technical and Tactical)
  • Strategic and tactical knowledge
  • On field game awareness
  • Adjusting to conditions
  • High Intensity Training
2 hours a week
Q&A Sessions (Zoom or Video Calls)
  • Regarding cricket skills and mental side
30 minutes
Parents Reviews
  • Group
  • Individual
Every 4 weeks
Player Reviews/ Goal Setting
  • Group
  • Individual
Every 4 weeks
Social Activities
  • Group
1 session for the season
Coach bowling coaching on field

Kaushal Silva
Head Coach

Developing professional techniques from a young age sets you up for success.

At Superkings Cricket Academy you’ll receive expert coaching from a professional player to help you think and play like a pro.
Kaushal was a fixture of the Sri Lankan national side from 2011 to 2018, he played 39 tests and scored over 2000 runs. Now he is passionate about helping emerging cricketers reach their full potential.
  • As a world class cricketer I knew my boys would benefit immensely from being coached by Kaushal. But what I didn’t account for is how valuable he is in terms of training them mentally and emotionally for not just being able to play cricket but also in all other facets in life. He has been a fantastic role model to both my boys and I am looking forward to him making my boys into well rounded cricketers and human beings.
    Nillavan & Nivathan Thevarajah - Under 10 years

    Thevarajah Kanapathippillai - Father

  • Hey Kush, Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you made it fun. You made it to reach my goals by being positive in tough times and you always supported me and kept me going. The training sessions you create are challenging for me but they did help me a lot to improve my body and mindset. You're an incredible coach and I'm grateful for your work. Thank you for your wisdom,experience and can't wait for more training sessions with you in future.

    Ali Khan - Under 17 Male Victorian Emerging Player Program

  • Gaining the acquaintance of Kaushal Silva opened doors to a plethora of aspects in my game that I didn’t know existed. Kaushal not only provides me with outstanding technical support for my batting, but has planted the seed of knowledge in relation to mindfulness and the mental side of the game. His attention to detail and wealth of knowledge has created a huge positive turning point for my own cricket.

    Connor Hayes - Premier District Player

    Master advanced skills and discover your unique cricketing speciality.