High Performance Program: Go from Aspiring Cricketer to Elite Player

Advanced weekly program in Melbourne delivering pro-level cricket training

Our High Performance program is for advanced cricketers:
  • Achieving 15+ wickets
  • Achieving 200 runs
  • Age 14-22

Think and Play like a

Discover How to Make a Career
out of Cricket

Tailored Approach for Individual

You want to go from good cricketer to SUPERSTAR.

Too often young and talented cricket players aren’t nurtured or pushed. Without the opportunity to develop their techniques to a high standard, errors will go uncorrected and full potential won’t be reached.
It takes expert coaching and a personalised approach to become a stand out player that is well on the way to mastering advanced cricket skills.

Who is the program for?

  • Emerging cricketers with high aspirations
  • Players desiring to grow in specific skills: batting, bowling, fielding
  • Cricketers who want to improve their club performance
  • For Young Cricketers (Aged 14-22)

Key skills and game knowledge to be taught and practised:

Train Like a Pro

From goal setting to athletic development, everything is serious and proper from this point

Elite Level Coaching

Get the expertise of our head coach Kaushal Silva from his career with the Sri Lankan national team

Body Maintenance with Proper Sports Science

Players are to participate in yoga recovery, nutrition, physiotherapy sessions

Peak Level

Developed and tested every 8 weeks to ensure players are in top shape

Individual Review & Career Profiling

We will explore the prospect of players making a career out of cricket or pursue higher grounds in the sport


Leadership, team work and personal mindset are vital for cricket success 

Winter Program – 18 weeks
High Performance Program

(per week)
Inc. GST
5% discount off when full payment made upfront
5% sibling discount

2 hours per week

Training days
Friday, Saturday and Sunday

Location – Topline indoor center or Elgar Park Mont Albert

Winter program : High Performance Program
17th May – 13th September – 18weeks

Skill Development / Game Planning (Tactical Part)
  • Tailored sessions for individuals
  • Match Scenario
  • Leadership skills
  • High Intensity Training
2 hours a week
  • Incorporate with training
30 mins once in every 2 weeks
  • Gym (power)
  • Speed/agility
Incorporate with Training
Recovery sessions
  • Manage sessions
  • Physio sessions
  • Pool/stretchess
We will recommend to you
Parents Workshops / Reviews
  • Group
  • Individual
2 hours in 4 weeks
Player Reviews/ Goal Setting
  • Group
  • Individual
2 hours in 4 weeks
Social Activities / Career Profile
  • Group
2 hours in 4 weeks
Coach bowling coaching on field

Kaushal Silva
Head Coach

We want to give you every opportunity for cricketing success.

At Superkings Cricket Academy you’ll receive expert coaching from a professional player to help you think and play like a pro.
Kaushal was a fixture of the Sri Lankan national side from 2011 to 2018, he played 39 tests and scored over 2000 runs. Now he is passionate about helping emerging cricketers reach their full potential.
  • As a world class cricketer I knew my boys would benefit immensely from being coached by Kaushal. But what I didn’t account for is how valuable he is in terms of training them mentally and emotionally for not just being able to play cricket but also in all other facets in life. He has been a fantastic role model to both my boys and I am looking forward to him making my boys into well rounded cricketers and human beings.
    Nillavan & Nivathan Thevarajah - Under 10 years

    Thevarajah Kanapathippillai - Father

  • Hey Kush, Thanks so much for your very valuable training. I really enjoyed it and appreciated that you made it fun. You made it to reach my goals by being positive in tough times and you always supported me and kept me going. The training sessions you create are challenging for me but they did help me a lot to improve my body and mindset. You're an incredible coach and I'm grateful for your work. Thank you for your wisdom,experience and can't wait for more training sessions with you in future.

    Ali Khan - Under 17 Male Victorian Emerging Player Program

  • Gaining the acquaintance of Kaushal Silva opened doors to a plethora of aspects in my game that I didn’t know existed. Kaushal not only provides me with outstanding technical support for my batting, but has planted the seed of knowledge in relation to mindfulness and the mental side of the game. His attention to detail and wealth of knowledge has created a huge positive turning point for my own cricket.

    Connor Hayes - Premier District Player

    Reach for the stars and achieve your full cricket potential.