Batters: Are You Forgetting This One Thing?

| Kaushal Silva | ,

If you’re just starting out as a batter, there are so many things to think about. You’ve got an eye on the bowler. There is movement beyond the pitch. You’re checking your grip. Are you happy with your stance?

Before you know it, you’ve made the number one mistake beginner cricketers make.


You forgot to watch the ball.

All it takes is losing one frame of the ball, and you’ve cost yourself the wicket. It is absolutely vital to watch the ball from the bowler’s hand right up until the moment of contact.

It doesn’t matter where the bowler bowls, keep your head and eyes level so you have the best chance of judging the ball’s movement.

Move your head towards the line of the ball, wherever your head goes, your body will follow. 


Perfecting your stance

A key strategy for keeping your eyes on the ball, is to get the correct batting stance

In this video, head coach Kaushal Silva from Superkings demonstrates the best position for legs, shoulders and head when batting.

Legs need to be shoulder width apart. It’s important that your weight is distributed evenly, a balanced position will allow you to accurately determine the length of the ball. Keep your weight on the balls of your feet. A good position will also set you up well to play a variety of shots.

Knees are slightly bent, giving you the opportunity to move swiftly to make the shot. Weight is lightly transferred to the front foot. Your head must be turned to position on top of your shoulder, with eyes level to the ball.

Getting these simple techniques right are essential to your batting success.


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Don’t settle for being good when the best cricketers are yet to be awakened in every aspiring young athlete.

Small things set the best cricketers apart from the rest. Even then, they never stop working to get better. If you don’t know how to make the most of your ability, you could be one of those `potentially’ great players whose talent remains unfulfilled.