Bowling Tips to Improve Your Game

| Kaushal Silva | ,

A skilled bowler is a major asset to any cricket team. It takes dedication and the right training to become a bowler who can consistently take the ball to the wicket. 

There are so many elements to bowling, from the run up, to the release. From the grip, to the pace. With all these moving parts, it takes hard work and dedication to bring it all together for bowling success. Finding your own style can feel frustrating and unnatural to begin with but the more you practice the more the techniques will become automatic. 

In this video, head coach Kaushal Silva from Superkings offers you some advice to get started.


The run up

Too many young cricketers don’t think about their run up enough and limit their potential. It’s important to give yourself enough momentum to hit full power by the moment of release.

It will take a bit of practice to figure out what type of run up works for you. Here are some things to experiment with:

  • Is a short run up or long run up better for you? Spin bowlers generally have shorter run ups, while fast bowlers favour longer run ups. An average run up would be approximately 10 paces.
  • What speed gives you the best accuracy? It’s usually a good idea to start slow, and gradually increase the pace. But you don’t want to go too fast either, so try a brisk pace.
  • What’s the best body positioning for you? The most common position to bowl is side on, which keeps your shoulders square to the batter. Foot positioning is another thing to keep an eye on, a right-handed bowler wants to land on their left foot at the crease.


The moment of release

There are multiple things going on as you hit the crease and release the ball. Achieving line and length is the goal, but how can you avoid the dread of sending a bowl down that misses the mark?

Some key things to remember:

  • Your lower body. A right-handed bowler will benefit from slamming their right foot down as the final stride. A straight, braced leg will help to maximise ball speed.
  • Your upper body. Keep your hips and shoulders aligned. At the same time as your final stride, a right-handed bowler will send their left arm down. This creates a sweeping motion for the right arm to rotate around.
  • Ball release. Your bowling arm should be straight, and as it reaches its highest point, this will be the best time to release.

Falling into a pattern of poor technique can be very hard to unlearn. It’s much easier to correct your style and set yourself up for success the earlier you are in your career.


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Don’t settle for being good when the best cricketers are yet to be awakened in every aspiring young athlete.

Small things set the best cricketers apart from the rest. Even then, they never stop working to get better. If you don’t know how to make the most of your ability, you could be one of those `potentially’ great players whose talent remains unfulfilled.